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"How is Miyako's natural environment different from other islands?" "What can I eat only on Miyako Island?" We are often asked by travelers. Marine leisure is fun and Shimauta Izakaya is the best! But why not touch the locals of the islands just one step further? !! For example, a walk to enjoy the ecology of the forest creatures of Miyakojima and the chirping of wild birds, a spot where you can enjoy the best sunset, a lunch where you can enjoy home-cooked local food, etc. The "miyakojiMANIA Concierge" who lives in the islands invites you to an unique island time that stimulates your curiosity.

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  • About Flight Information
    Which is the best airline route to Miyakojima?
    There are Miyako Airport (JTA, ANA) and Shimojishima Airport (SKYMARK, JETSTAR). There are direct flights at Miyako Airport from Naha / Fukuoka / Kansai / Chubu / Haneda, and at Shimojishima Airport from Naha / Kobe / Kansai / Haneda / Narita (including seasonal flights).
  • About Consultation For Your Trip
    Can I ask you to plan an itinerary on Miyakojimania programs and accomodation?
    Please feel free to contact us by email or phone. Let's plan together your trip itinerary with your wishes.
  • About Reservations and Arrangements
    Can you make reservations or arrangements for flights, accommodations, experience programs, etc.?
    We can arrange your flights, rental cars, accommodations, meals, and experience programs (we are licensed travel agency).
  • About Experience Programs
    What kind of experience programs you have ?
    There are programs such as forest nature tours, a fish-filet experience with fresh bonito and maguro, a lay-back harbor fishing, and historical town walk tours with picture-story shows.
  • About Wedding And Anniversary Trips
    Can you plan and coordinate beach weddings and parties?
    Ask us about planning beach and garden weddings, we can also coordinate different parties for your special day.